QualConnect® 1/2inch Sidewinder Speed wrench Rachet withKnurled Handle U.S. Patent No. 6718850B2

QualConnect® Professional 1/2inch Sidewinder Speed wrench Ratchet with Knurled Handle
QualConnect® Professional 1/2inch Sidewinder Speed wrench Ratchet with Knurled Handle
Item# 21400-QC500X12

Product Description

QualConnect® 1/2" Reversible Sidewinder Speed Wrench. Item Packed Information with U.S. Patent No. 4907476 & 4991470 & 6718850B2, can cut your work time in half! Removes even hard-to-reach nuts FAST! The unique "T"-handle design of the Sidewinder makes it the ideal choice when tough-to-get-to or high-repetition nuts need to go NOW. Works both as a standard wrench and as a 90 speed wrench, so you don't need to remove it from the piece even in tough areas. Ideal for spark plugs, brake pads and other stuff you'd need to stand on your head to reach otherwise! Everyone from airline mechanics to pit crews swear by it! Speed you need: Torque-tested to 175 ft.-lbs.; Can reduce effort up to 95% in some applications; Diamond-knurled for easy grip; Up to 4 times faster than standard sockets. 12"l., handle measures 3 3/4"w. 2 lbs., 9.6 ozs.; Fast and furious! 1/2" Reversible Sidewinder Speed Wrench is covered by Product Liability insurance under USD2,000,000 worldwide Policy No.: 0330000329/000009

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